Revolutionizing Tissue Repair

BioLattice Ophthalmics, Inc. is addressing the need for tissue repair solutions, beginning with cornea.

One in 70 patients who need cornea tissue obtain it. Globally 2 million per year suffer from corneal blindness while only 200,000 per year receive vision restoration via cornea transplant. 

Almost 13 million globally are on a donor cornea tissue waiting list. There is currently no standard of care alternative to donor cornea tissue for full thickness cornea transplant material. 

Our engineered cornea will be a true alternative to donor cornea while also offering corrective vision. 


the BioLattice Team

Our aim is to transform innovative ideas into medical products as a means of expanding patient access to solutions that restore, repair or rebuild damaged cornea tissue. 

We are developing partnerships with potential technology licensees and multiple contract organizations to market the engineered cornea. Revenue generating strategies include:

  • Corporate co-development and sales 
  • BioLattice development through clinical trials followed by direct sales

Invest with purpose at BioLattice

We believe in Collaborative Growth.

By supporting our cutting-edge research in tissue engineering, you’re not just investing in a company; you’re investing in the future of healthcare. Your commitment fuels breakthroughs that have the power to redefine medical possibilities and positively impact countless lives.

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